Healthy Shine Shampoo

This is the absolute BEST you can do for you dog from the outside in.  Their fur will shine with luster and natural beauty.  Aromadog Healthy Shine Shampoo has a completely herbal base with no chemical additives.

Comprised of the following essential oils to clean and encourage the healthy growth of your dog's coat:

  • Cedar wood for cleansing
  • Rose geranium to repel fleas
  • Lemon grass which is anti-parasitic
  • Pine as an anti-fungal flea repellant
  • Palma Rosa for skin and cellular regeneration
  • Rosemary, a regenerator and fur stimulator
  • and Tea Tree for just about everything else!

One of our best products and a staple of our line.

Size 8 oz

Healthy Shine Shampoo
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